TeamBuild UK Competition

Here at Associated Architects; we believe that working closely with our fellow professionals is essential in being able to deliver great buildings.

We have long been advocates of TeamBuild UK, a competition designed to bring together the industry’s leading young professionals.

This year we are proud to have partnered with Arup to send one of our own young professionals, Jamie Green, to compete.

James Walley (Civil Engineer), Saya Kansangra (Graduate Civil Engineer), Daniel Watson (Landscape Architect), Anett Schwinkendorf (Mechanical Engineer), Harry Betts (Structural Engineer)] all teamed up with Jamie for Teambuild 2017.

Their team Triple_A, with its tagline ‘Collaborate to Innovate. Recharge‘, proposed a masterplan design for the Potters Row area in Edinburgh. The proposal was for the University of Edinburgh and solved pedestrian permeability issues, reclaimed back areas of road for public use, demarked two plots for university building development and created a new, digitally enhanced public realm destination for the city.

Well done Triple A.



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