We deliver the perfect balance between ‘wow’ design and workability. We put human experience at the centre of everything we do.

Our Mission

To think ‘beyond design’, working together to create places that transform the way people live, work and learn, for the better.

Why we do it

We are passionate about the impact thoughtful architecture can have on the world. We want to go beyond the realms of design to create environments that help people and communities thrive.

How we do it

We bring together the best technical and creative expertise to analyse, debate and explore, developing a workable, and finely tailored solution to every brief.

What we do

We create buildings that are meaningful and inspiring, but each fine design detail is conceived from a sense of purpose and an understanding of human need.

We’re a group of people who think differently, and think bigger.

We believe real creativity isn’t just about ‘great design’ or ‘architectural principles’ – its about intelligent thinking that solves problems, innovates, challenges assumptions, imagines and explores.

Recent News

PassivHaus Trust Awards – Voting Open
PassivHaus Trust Awards – Voting Open


Voting is now open for the PHT awards in which the George Davies Centre is a finalist. Please vote for the UK's largest PassivHaus building!