Westgate Civic Offices

In 2003, Barnsley MBC resolved to relocate its offices to Westgate. It was to set a new image, providing a flexible building with a sustainable approach to construction and energy consumption.

The 6,500 square metre building has five storeys providing the prominence required at a high point in the town centre. The profile was important, therefore plantrooms have been accommodated within the top storey. The building is fully glazed with stainless steel mesh shading to minimise solar gain. The cores are finished in black terracotta and the top storey recessed, to produce a crisp roof edge against the sky.

A double height entrance provides a focal point for the east elevation and the main circulation core is set immediately behind, with clear open plan floors. These are provided with a common arrangement to promote the organisation’s agreed work style.

Mixed mode ventilation including opening windows allows the occupants to have user control. A biomass boiler was installed to serve a district heating system including a later phase of offices, together with the Town Hall and library.

A model of public sector procurement embodying progressive working practice and low energy consumption, the project has been a benchmark for local government office reorganisation throughout the UK.

Client: Barnsley Miller Partnership Ltd.
Project Value: £12m inc. fit out
Completion: 2006
Award: Ashden Sustainability Award 2006

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